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We know that the financial cost of generating the new ideas, technologies and processes to help startups achieve competitive advantage can be high.

StartUP Network Nigeria is our information and advisory program for small and medium enterprises especially business start-ups. If you are looking for free business information and practical support services, StartUP Network Nigeria is the first stop to fulfil your needs.

StartUP Network Nigeria helps small companies make the most out of business opportunities in Nigeria. It is a one-stop-shop for all business needs. It provides support on access to market information, overcoming legal obstacles, and identifying potential business partners across Nigeria.



startup support promo

BizDaddy StartUP Support Promo is an initiative of Macchurchill Consulting to help young people with bright ideas scale up in setting up and running their small businesses.

The idea is to provide business enablers in form of tools and resources that help startups launch and grow their small businesses.




  1. Sit-Up

This is a business idea brainstorming level that offers support in three ways:

  1. Brainstorming For Business Ideas
  2. Developing The Idea
  3. Naming The Business

FEE: N15,000


  1. Step-Up

This is a business incubation level that provides support in four ways:

  1. Thinking Up Business Idea
  2. Naming The Business
  3. Developing A Mini Business Plan
  4. Business Name Availability Search With CAC

FEE: N35,000


  1. Set-Up

This is a business seeding level that provides supports to those who already have business ideas in five ways:

  1. Naming The Business
  2. Developing A Mini Business Plan
  3. Registering The Business Name With CAC
  4. Setting Up Social Media Accounts For The Business
  5. Creating And Designing Of Logo And Banners

FEE: N55,000


  1. StartUp

This is a business kick –off level that provides support in setting up and marketing the business in seven ways:

  1. Developing A Business Plan
  2. Registering The Business Name With CAC
  3. Setting Up Social Media Accounts
  4. Creating And Designing Logo And Banners
  5. Printing Business Cards And ID Card
  6. Developing Marketing Strategies (Online And Offline)
  7. Setting Up Blog For The Business

FEE: N75,000


  1. Stir-Up

This is a business start-up and expansion level that provides packaging and networking to create a pool of customers for the business in seven ways:

  1. Developing A Business Plan
  2. CAC Registration
  3. Designing And Printing Marketing Materials (Letterheads, Business Cards, Fliers)
  4. Setting Up Social Media Business Accounts ( Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Youtube, Instagram, Periscope)
  5. Setting Up A Website For The Business
  6. Customer Intelligence Training And Toolkit Provision
  7. Provision Of 20,000 Potential Customer Phone Numbers And Emails.

FEE: N150,000


  1. SellUp

This is an intelligence marketing level for those who already own a business but are having challenges with marketing their products and services. This level provides support in eight ways:

  1. 5 Ad Copies For The Business
  2. 5 Banner Designs
  3. 50,000 Client Phone Numbers
  4. 50,000 Client Email List
  5. Jingle Recording And Production + Placing On Radio
  6. Social Media Paid Ads On Facebook, Twitter And Linkedin
  7. Search Engine Marketing On Google
  8. Blog Marketing – Ad On 10 Blogs

FEE: N500,000

To get started with any of the above packages, kindly reach us on 09053565244, 08035533391, 08148952100.



To provide ongoing support and information to small and medium-sized businesses (SMES) seeking to boost their business, we have created several support units.

1. StartUP Camp
2. StartUP Hub
3. CampusCEO Club
4. TeenCEO Club
5. Mentoring 30 Under 30
6. Under40ACHIEVER Blog
7. Under40ACHIEVER Awards

The network offers a wide range of services to startups and growing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It aims to:

• help SMEs find business, technology, and growth partners in Nigeria.
• develop a service helping SMEs become active in the market.
• increase SME competitiveness through innovation support services.
• improve SMEs’ awareness on access to finance.
• ensure visibility, recognition, and local awareness about the network.

To join StartUP Network Nigeria and have ACCESS to our PROGRAMS, please call 08148952100, 09056565244.